Thursday 26 March 2015


Leather sofas are always the standard when it comes to an enjoyable and comfortable home cinema experience. Shiny colors, soft cushions, and a myriad of different options such as recliners and storage facilities make leather sofas the most sought out home theatre seats by customers.
With a plethora of different leather sofas and configurations to choose from, we often find customers struggling with choosing the one that suits their preferences and style. We at Home Cinema Center have prepared a quick guide to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the right leather seating for a spectacular home theatre experience.
The first thing you have to ask yourself is what leather configuration you are looking for: is it sectionals or recliners? The line between the two configurations has become blurred given the availability of recliner sectionals though.
Recliners consist of a backrest that can be tilted back and allow you to become more comfortable along with a footrest that can be accessed upon pulling the lever, usually found on the right hand side of the sofa. Recliners usually come in 1 or 3 seat sets and also have different options for its reclining features. Some brands offer both manual as well as electric powered recliner seats. In the latter, the electric recliner seats are fitted with a motor that reclines automatically upon pressing the switch either on the side of the sofa or with its own remote control.
Sectionals are sofas which consist of 2 or 3 seat configurations conjoined into 1 sofa at 90 degree angles.Sectionals are perfect for offering a wide angle view experience for your family or friends and have recliner features as well. Different seating options are available depending on the size of your room and screen such as 3 seat or 5 seat sets.
Custom Made
If none of the available configurations do not match your likes and preferences, you can always try having it custom made. You can choose from a variety of brands regarding storage options, cup  holders,  recliners, and so on. Other upgrades to seating include tablet holders, adjustable reading light lamps, and more.
Leather sofas come in different attractive colors. It is often useful to have a theme set in your mind in advance before shopping for home theatre sets. At Home Cinema Theater, we offer a range of colors to choose from such as: red, white, black, brown and more.
Budget considerations
Budget considerations play a major part in your choice of leather sofas. In comparison with other home theatre seats such as those made of fabric, leather sofas stand out in its elegant appearance and quality.
However, if your budget constraints are impeding on your choice of purchase, you can try looking at leather vinyls or leather match materials can be a cheaper alternative to the high priced pure leather sofas.
You may want to shop by brand. At Home Cinema Center, we have the most prestigious brands noted for their quality and expertise such as Coaster, Jackson Furniture, Catnapper and Parker House. Different brands are noted for its range and style of leather seats that will provide you with the ultimate home cinema experience.
End Note
Leather sofas are highly demanded for its attractive appearance, texture, softness and satisfaction. Home Cinema Center provides you a range of different leather theatre seats in different colors, configurations and price ranges. For more details, check here!

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